quality bed


Italian manufacturing and quality

QualityBed by Co.ni.is. srl, thanks to its experience, innovation, and high Italian manufacturing capabilities in the production of mattresses, has become a qualified company abroad as well. Part of our QualityBed by Co.ni.is. srl production is exported, guaranteeing exceptional rest all over the world. Specifically, QualityBed by Co.ni.is. srl exports to South Korea, a country for which we have obtained the qualification/status of “Authorised Exporter”, Australia, Croatia, Morocco, Albania, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. We provide customised production, both in terms of size and features, for our QualityBed by Co.ni.is srl customers in these countries. Soon, new countries in the European and non-European community will become part of the trade routes of QualityBed by Co.ni.is. srl, consistently guaranteeing craftsmanship, high quality, excellent prices and after-sales services.