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for three generations at your service.

We work consistently with an inexhaustible passion to produce mattresses and pillows that ensure a perfect rest for our customers, improving both their physical and mental condition. We have always done this by offering the ‘right’ mattress, through service customisation and the choice of the highest quality materials, continually paying attention to details and finishes.

The Calabrese family, for over 90 years now at your service, has been working with passion in the production of mattresses and pillows, ensuring its customers have a perfect rest. This result is guaranteed through attention to detail and customisation of the service offered, accompanied by the choice of the highest quality materials, which allow customers to choose the solution that best suits their needs.

QualitybedIn fact, QualityBed has established itself over time as a leader, operating in the Italian market, and in particular in the region of Puglia, in the manufacturing of high-end mattresses in Latex, springs, Memory Form and Watergel, as well as in the production and sewing of linings and pillows, in the regeneration of wool mattresses and in the sale of orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic bed bases.

The production activity, characterised by the combination of artisanal quality and industrial process, is carried out through the use of specific cutting edge machinery, which allows to obtain not only reliable but also long-lasting products. Each product made by QualityBed is the result of years of research and development and is designed to best accommodate our body, during rest at night, significantly improving its physical and mental condition. The attention to detail is ensured by a team of professionals, capable of identifying and anticipating market trends without ever disappointing customer expectations. Customers, in fact, can always count on finished products made from excellent workmanship along with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

The scrupulous choice of raw materials, as well as the efficient manufacturing processes, which can also be tailor-made, enable QualityBed products to maintain an exceptional hygienic/sanitary standard. Of no less importance is the internal logistics management aimed at speeding up delivery times, which allow our company to manage a vast customer base ranging from wholesale, individual consumers, large retailers and specialised retailers.

We are located just a few kilometres from Bari

Z.I. of Capurso

We manufacture finished products or individual components according to the customer’s specific needs.
We also brand projects, thus guaranteeing their exclusivity.


70100 Capurso (BA)
Via Ex S.S. 100 km 11,200 snc, Z.I.

Tel. 080 4555770

Sales office:
Tel. 080 4555660

VAT number: 03854750720

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Sabatino Lorusso General Manager
Nicola Calabrese Amministratore
Lia Battista Store Manager
Mimmo Tancredi Business Director
Cristina Pavone Operation Manager
Domenico Moramarco Logistic Manager
Tiziana Notarnicola Front office
Adriano Torchetti Designer
Valerio Cinefra Production Manager
Giuseppe Lorusso Buyer