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Whether it be freestanding spring mattresses, polyurethane mattresses, memory foam mattresses, natural latex or gel mattresses, each technology offers benefits for specific needs.

The production activity, characterised by the combination of artisanal quality and industrial process, is carried out through the use of specific cutting edge machinery, which allows to obtain not only reliable but also long-lasting products. Every product made by QualityBed is the result of years of research and development.
The attention to detail is ensured by a team of professionals, capable of identifying and anticipating market trends without ever disappointing customer expectations. Customers, in fact, can always count on finished products made from excellent workmanship along with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. We produce mattresses and covers for hotels and companies; however we design them on individual needs, studying their requirements, habits and postural and physiological necessities. QualityBed specialises in customising the products it manufactures, under all aspects. Yet, we also offer more. Propose your product or your product idea to us; we will make it for you and, if you wish, it will be yours alone. By creating your product line with us, we will test and certify it thanks to the collaboration of authoritative universities and research institutes. We also conceive, study and design our resting accessories tanks to the most innovative software. Simulation programs allow us to verify their effectiveness even before prototyping.

Natural and Eco-sustainable

Environmentally conscious

Eco-sustainable mattresses are an ecological and ethical choice for rest. They are made using natural and recycled materials, thus reducing the environmental impact. The main features of eco-sustainable mattresses are breathability, resistance and the ability to adapt to body shapes, ensuring regenerating sleep.


For quality sleep

Anatomical and ergonomic pillows for quality sleep. Discover our new range of variable stiffness pillows, ideal for supporting the neck and ensuring maximum comfort night after night.


For essential comfort

Discover tailor-made comfort with our selection of high-quality mattresses. We select only the best materials. Memory foam, hydrogel and high-density eliocel mattresses for an enveloping rest experience. Mattrasses for a cool summer relaxation and innovative and eco-sustainable hybrid spring systems. Choose the ideal mattress for your collection.

Mattresses and covers

Discover tailor-made comfort

Qualitybed mattress covers. Protect and extend the life of your mattress with our premium covers. We offer a wide choice of various materials and fabrics. Innovative and compatible with various types of plates. They guarantee the utmost hygiene and ideal comfort.


For regenerating sleep

QualityBed slatted, electrical and orthopaedic bases for regenerating rest. QualityBed slatted, electrical and orthopaedic bases for regenerating rest. Our bases, made with beech wood slats, guarantee natural support and better sleep quality. Choose the base that suits your needs and treat yourself to regenerating and comfortable sleep every night.